Behind the scenes… Customer Services Team

From left to right, Will, James and Brock

At the heart of the AssessTech operation is the customer services team.  These are the people who deal with front line customer queries, working closely with the development team on new releases and new features for ACMS. 

Heading up the team is David Brock (or Brock as he’s known to friends and foe). As Head of Operations, Brock is a bit of a techy geek who likes people.  He leads the customer support team within AssessTech, managing the day-to-day operations, including support calls and customer issues and working closely with the admin users and executives in each of the AssessTech client organisations.   His job is a bit like a jigsaw puzzle, as he finds himself working on new projects, new issues, new customers and new features on a regular basis, which he thrives on!  In his spare time, you’ll find him with his head down in a board game – especially co-operative games like Pandemic, The Mind, and Spirit Island or the world championship of Klask.  And if he’s not doing that, he’ll be playing badminton, tennis or out for a round of golf.

The game of Klask

Supported by his Niece

Customer Operations Consultant, Will Sedgwick, classes himself as an expert plate spinner (and outdoor fan). He is a key point of contact for AssessTech customers for both queries and training and works closely with the internal development team to scope out, implement and test new features and versions of ACMS.  Will’s job will change over the next few months as he’s recently qualified as a Cisco Certified Network Associate, so he will move into a role with more of a focus on Networking and Hardware, looking after all the customer data. And when he’s not looking after your data, he’s taking part in cycling events such as  Tour of Flanders Sportive 2018 and the Paris-Roubaix Challenge 2018 and entering half-marathons.

The newest member of the team, James Pawsey, is also a customer operations consultant who works closely with customers to resolve their issues with ACMS and helps the development team test new versions of the software. A techy, sporty, active Arsenal fan, James is currently working on testing the new aCheck and aBulletin apps due for release shortly. Another cycling enthusiast, James cycled the Tarka Trail (from Braunton to Meeth, Devon) and is a bit of a racing car speed junkie. However, what he really likes to do in his spare time is play football!

The winning team?

Chatty, quirky Emma McKenna is the eLearning consultant, supporting the Learning Management System, AssessBook and the Video Hosting System AssessTube. Emma loves working with people, both internal staff and customers such as GWR, Heathrow Express and SouthEastern Rail and strives to create professional themes for her customers. A big part of Emma’s role is to work with the training team to create and develop new courses and encourage the transition to e-learning within the railway.  AssessBook and AssessTube are going through a rebranding to make them user-driven and Emma is enjoying being part of the redevelopment, bringing lots of new ideas to the party. A keen traveller, Emma travelled on her own to Canada in 2018. She’s also a big fan of the Guildford Flames ice hockey team and can often be found ice skating in her spare time.

If you have a question regarding ACMS,  AssessBook or AssessTube, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Customer Services team on +44 (0)1483 338646.

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