The Office of Rail and Road (ORR) developed the Risk Management Maturity Model (RM3) in collaboration with the rail industry as a tool for assessing an organisation’s ability to successfully manage health and safety risks, to help identify areas for improvement and provide a benchmark for year on year comparison. RM3 is helping guide the rail industry towards excellence in health and safety risk management. Best performing companies are those which have fully integrated health and safety practices into their culture. RM3 sets out criteria for key elements of a health and safety risk management system, which describe the steps used to evaluate a company’s progress from ad-hoc to excellent health and safety management capability. It defines what excellent management looks like, including:

  • Leaders inspiring confidence and commitment, safely taking their teams through periods of change.
  • Making full use of employees’ potential and actively involving them to develop shared values and a culture of trust, openness and empowerment.
  • Health and safety strategy being used to challenge the organisation to achieve business performance, which is in line with the best-performing organisations.

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