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Supporting 85% of the UK rail network

We carried out some research recently as we were curious about how much of the UK rail network we support through our training and technology solutions. We are delighted to report that we currently work with 85% of the UK’s rail network.

AssessTech’s technology solutions improving processes during #UKLockdown

Social distancing has created a huge range of challenges for business across all industries. However, in the railway industry we’ve seen our clients pivot quickly to embrace technology which is yielding improved results in terms of process improvement and efficiencies.

Tram Operations Ltd leading the way in electronic competence management

Tram Operations Ltd knew they needed to upgrade their existing processes to evaluate driver performance and strengthen their risk controls and have adopted ACMS as their solution.

Tram Operations Ltd. are first to adopt electronic competence management

The level of dynamic risk is greater on a tramway than in a heavy rail setting. Trams operate in both segregated and mixed traffic environments and as such drivers find their trams regularly surrounded by pedestrians, cars, buses and bicycles.

Developmental Competence explained at UKLRC 2019

AssessTech explained why developmental competence management is crucial for light rail at this year’s UK Light Rail Conference.