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Heathrow Express staff migration to GWR was a smooth process thanks to ACMS

The recent migration of train operations staff from Heathrow Express (HEx) to GWR caused a few issues. However, by using AssessTech’s ACMS platform the transition of staff competence records was a smooth process, maintaining all existing data sets and systems intact.

Heathrow Express driver migration went seamlessly with the help of AssessTech

Changes were afoot recently at Heathrow Express (HEX) with the transfer of their drivers over to Great Western Railway (GWR). This was a result of HEX no longer owning the railway as part of Heathrow, which GWR now do, and therefore GWR having responsibility for the train operators.

AssesTech’s Round-up of 2018

ROUND-UP OF 2018 2018 has been a busy year for AssessTech. We’ve managed the electronic transfer of competence records from HEX to GWR to support employee migration, the adoption of competence management within light rail via Tram Operations Ltd, a stronger focus on...

USER FORUM INTERVIEW: Carlos Maldonado of Heathrow Express

USER FORUM INTERVIEW Carlos Maldonado An Interview with Carlos Maldonado of Heathrow Express at the AssessTech User Forum 2018 highlighted that the Forum is an excellent place to learn from other Train Management Operators. What’s been particularly useful is to hear...

Heathrow Express – Reducing Incidents through Competence Management

Heathrow Express reduced incidents from 25 in a two year period to just 2, here’s how…