Competence Management

AssessTech’s technology supports Competence Management as a continuous process.  This is all about setting up performance criteria to address business risk and then training and assessing against this criteria.  Verification and Standardisation ensure issues are addressed and fed back into the competence cycle.

The whole process is about Developmental Competence Management, which encourages candidates to take responsibility for their own competence.

It’s Not Just About Assessment

Competence Management is also about recognising that fact that it’s not just about Assessment.  Whilst Assessment is an undoubtedly an important part of the process you can’t get a true picture or a person’s competence without also taking into account their Incident History and their training.

You also need to undertake Verification and Standardisation activities in order to get an overall picture of your Company’s competence. The AssessTech approach is to consider all of these elements as essential parts of the whole solution.


The AssessTech competence management system.

An online learning and development platform, where you can host electronic courses and track learner progress.

A private online video hosting service, where you can store all of your company videos.

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