AssessTech is a technology and training company specialising in all aspects of Competence Management for the Railway Industry.

We believe Competence Management is a continuous process which achieves lower business risk and a reduction in incident rates through targeted training and development of people.

Safe in the Knowledge

We supply the AssessTech Competence Management System (ACMS) to Train Operating Companies, giving them better visibility of their competence related data, which along with complementary training and consulting services means they are better able to assess risk, manage incidents and target spending accordingly. This is called being "safe in the knowledge".
The AssessTech Competence Management System (ACMS) can be tailored to support existing business processes and company standards. It allows management of change and transition in a controlled way. The system is broken down into a number of optional modules that allow companies to choose the system they need to support their business.
AssessTech offers a broad range of training courses and qualifications in all subjects relating to Competence Management and the wider topic of Learning and Development. We are a certified City & Guilds centre.
AssessTech has a wealth of experience in both the rail and IT domains. We specialise in helping Train Operating Companies manage their Competence Management Systems, training programmes and Incident Investigations.

AssessTech Ltd.