Developmental Competence Management

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Our flagship product for managing competence in a safety crititcal environment

incident recovery kit

Incident Recovery Kit

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An integrated online learning and development system



An integrated secure video hosting solution

Competence Management for a Safer Railway

AssessTech is a technology and training company specialising in all aspects of Competence Management for the Railway Industry. We believe in Developmental Competence Management, which is a continuous process that achieves lower business risk and a reduction in incident rates through targeted training and development of people.

We supply hosted systems and services to Train Operating Companies, giving them better visibility of their competence related data, which along with complementary training and consulting, means they are better able to assess risk, manage incidents and target spending accordingly.

Our hosted services are designed to allow customers to manage change and transition in a controlled way. These include the AssessTech Competence Management System (ACMS); AssessBook, an online learning management system (LMS); and AssessTube, a private Video Hosting Service.
AssessTech offers a broad range of training courses and qualifications in all subjects relating to Competence Management and the wider topic of Learning and Development. We are a certified City & Guilds centre.
AssessTech has a wealth of experience in both the rail and IT domains. We specialise in helping Train Operating Companies manage their Competence Management Systems, training programmes and Incident Investigations.

AssessTech Products 


AssessTech offers three products, ACMS, AssessBook and AssessTube; each is designed to work individually or together to help you manage competence effectively. These are all delivered as fully hosted and managed systems.



The AssessTech competence management system.


An online learning and development platform, where you can host electronic courses and track learner progress.


A private online video hosting service, where you can store all of your company videos.

Developmental Competence Management


This is at the heart of everything AssessTech does.  It’s the basis of our approach to helping make the Railway a safer place.

Developmental Competence Management is all about putting the candidate front and centre of the process, focussing on their needs and encouraging them to own their own competence.  

By using a grading system and focussing on areas for improvement Assessors can inspire Candidates towards professional and personal development and gain huge benefits for the business along the way.

AssessTech are pioneers of this approach – find out all about it by reading our blog article.

Incident Recovery Kit


An interactive tabletop simulation, played in the style of a board game.  It’s a really great way to train learners in how to respond to an incident, prevent escalation and maintain a good company reputation.

The Incident Recovery kit has been developed by AssessTech as a training aid for roles such as:

  • Train Operator Liaison Officer (TOLO)
  • Station Incident Officer (SIO)
  • Rail Incident Commander (RIC)

We use the kit when we deliver training but it’s also available as a product to purchase as an addition to your in-house courses.

incident recovery kit
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