AssessTech have a wealth of experience in both the Railway Industry and the Information Technology domain. We are perhaps uniquely placed to help Train Operating Companies with a range of issues broadly related to Competence Management.

We would be delighted to engage with you to deliver all, or any, of the following:

Performance Criteria

  • Combined performance criteria sets (merging criteria for different roles into a common set)
  • Adding Risk and/or DIF ratings
  • Preparing and adapting for use of electronic systems

Company Standards

  • Competence Management policies, processes and standards
  • Best practise guides for assessment and verification
  • Modernising or updating forms and other paperwork

Verification Services

  • Acting as your internal quality assurance (IQA) team
  • One off reviews, audits or health checks
  • Verification standards and sampling strategies
  • Ongoing support


  • Risk based training needs analysis (RBTNA)
  • Trainer-led course design development
  • e-Course design and development
  • See our AssessBook page

Route Filming

  • A professional route filming service with HD videos and voice overs
  • Route diagrams
  • Signal information
  • See our AssessTube page

More Information

We have supplied all these consulting services to many customers and can provide references for our work.

If you think we can help please do get in touch – we’d be delighted to hear from you.

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