AssessTech is a certified City & Guilds centre offering training and qualifications in a broad range of subjects related to Competence Management and the railway industry generally.

In addition to courses resulting in City and Guilds Accredited Qualifications (Awards and Certificates) we also offer non-accredited training programmes, a bespoke training programme design service and some cool training aids.

City & Guilds

Incident Recovery Kit

An interactive tabletop simulation, played in the style of a board game. It’s a really great way to train learners in how to respond to an incident, prevent escalation and maintain a good company reputation.

The Incident Recovery kit has been developed by AssessTech as a training aid for roles such as:

  • Train Operator Liaison Officer (TOLO)
  • Station Incident Officer (SIO)
  • Rail Incident Commander (RIC)

We use the kit when we deliver training but it’s also available as a product to purchase as an addition to your in-house courses.

incident recovery kit

Training Courses

At AssessTech we offer both accredited and non-accredited training courses.

C&G Accredited Courses

These result in an Non-Vocational Qualification (NVQ) from the City and Guilds for each candidate.

  • City and Guilds Assessor Award: level 3
  • City and Guilds Assessor / Coach Award: level 3
  • City and Guilds IQA Award: level 4
  • City and Guilds Lead IQA Award: level 4
  • City and Guilds Instructor: level 3
  • City and Guilds Train the trainer: level 3 & level 4
  • City and Guilds Railway Operations Supervisor: level 3
  • City and Guilds Incident & Accident Investigator: level 3
  • City and Guilds Award / Certificate in L&D: level 3 and 4
  • And lots more..

Non-accredited Courses

These courses result in a certificate of achievement from AssesTech for each candidate.

  • Assessor refresher & up-skilling
  • Verifier refresher & up-skilling
  • Incident & Accident Investigator:  new to role & refresher
  • NTS Non Technical Skills
  • Responsible Person
  • Train Operating Liaison Officer (TOLO)
  • Station Incident Officer (SIO)
  • Rail Incident Commander (RIC)
  • On-Train Data Recorder (OTDR) Operation
  • And lots more…

Bespoke Service


At AssessTech we specialise in tailor-made training.

We undertake risk-based training needs analysis (RBTNA), design trainer-led courses and implement eCourses; all based on your company standards and to meet your requirements.

We will deliver high-quality and professional slides, short films, voice recordings, podcasts, handouts, workbooks and anything else you might need to make your bespoke training programmes a success.

Contact us to find out more – we’d be delighted to hear from you.

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