Keeping the Railway Safe with AssessTech’s Assessor Award Training Course

Many individuals across the railway undertake assessments from maintenance staff, to guards and drivers.  

The level of knowledge across these individuals can vary significantly.  

In their role, an assessor is responsible for assessing, coaching and developing staff and at AssessTech we help them do that using a developmental approach.  By tailoring the Assessor Award Training Course for each organisation, we ensure the assessors are trained according to their company’s specific standards, making the course both practical and company focused. 

Individuals are invited to carry out their assessments using their internal company CMS platforms or alternatively via ACMS (if they are a current user of the system). All attendees are given a free account on our learning management system Assessbook, where they can upload evidence of their work in order to complete their NVQ qualification.

Benefits of undertaking this course

  • The Assessor Award is the correct qualification for assessing on the railway
  • It contributes to making the railway a safer place for all
  • The qualification is at individual level therefore each person completing the course can use it no matter where they go
  • It helps provide a good understanding of developmental competence, moving away from ‘a blame culture’ ethos
  • It opens up promotional opportunities for individuals within their own organisation
  • It helps instructors understand and learn the formal side of assessments
  • It helps build better relationship between teams

South Western Railway has recently put a number of their people on the Assessor Award Training Course.  Guards Manager, Paul Johnson said, “The course was exactly what we needed.  It explored multiple aspects of the specific assessor requirements for SWR, making it more tailored to our needs.  Katrina was great, very knowledgeable, friendly and responsive both during and after the training. It was really easy to undertake the assessments using ACMS and upload the tasks using Assessbook.  I would definitely recommend this course for assessors responsible for assessing, coaching and developing staff.”

“I found the Assessor course from AssessTech to be interesting and engaging, covering all of the key areas in just the right amount of detail.  The course trainer, Katrina, was great.  She was clear and concise and described each individual section really well.  I used AssessBook to upload and manage my assessments, which was simple and easy to use. Some of my assessors who have attended the course recently have commented that the virtual training isn’t as easy to engage in as face to face training, however it is an excellent alternative when we are all working from home.”  Mark Letman, Operations Training Manager, East Midlands Railway

Katrina Thomas, Learning and Development Consultant at AssessTech said, “The course is a good mix of theory and practical examples which allows the individuals on the course to develop their assessment competence against the criteria set for their own organisation.  Being able to use ACMS and AssessBook as tools to complete the course really helps the individuals and manages the specific tasks they are expected to complete.”

Find out more about AssessTech’s Assessor Award Training Course here.

Katrina Thomas, L&D Consultant, AssessTech