2018 has been a busy year for AssessTech. We’ve managed the electronic transfer of competence records from HEX to GWR to support employee migration, the adoption of competence management within light rail via Tram Operations Ltd, a stronger focus on developmental competence management and we’ve even developed a new board game!
As a business, one of our main objectives is to work closely with our customers and share knowledge cross-industry. The User Forum in London in September was a great example of this. New features, including Bulletin Module and ACMS Dashboards, were well received and we’re well underway to have these delivered pre-Christmas. We introduced the concept of learning management within competence management with our partner 3dvsl, paving the way for assessments based on evidence gathered during training.

We’ve worked with some of our clients (Northern RailTram Operations Ltd.Heathrow Express and GWR) to create case studies to demonstrate the impact #ACMSRail is having within their individual organisations.  And received amazing testimonials during the process….

“AssessTech are easy to work with, responsive and reliable.  They are eager to accommodate our requirements and often lead on new development opportunities from their own ability to identify new added-value opportunities.  What really stands out for me is that they are an IT company that has developed a software SaaS solution with in-depth Railway knowledge, rather than a Railway supplier who build software on the side.”   James Waddington, Northern Rail
“AssessTech’s ACMS platform met the exact requirements of Tram Operations Limited. In my opinion they are the best providers of electronic competence management in the industry both in terms of the quality and functionality of their product; and the level of aftercare and support they provide to each business they work with. What really makes them stand out from the crowd is that they are the only company to provide developmental assessment. Other competitors claim to offer it but for me AssessTech are definitely the industry leaders in this area.”  Andy Wallace, Tram Operations Ltd
 “The AssessTech electronic competency management solution is easy to use, industry focused and very reliable.  The team at AssessTech have been great to work with at all points on our journey.  Their knowledge of the industry and the challenges it faces has helped to create a competency management model, which works across the whole of the rail industry. They recognise the challenges with the regulators and are excellent at developing solutions that overcome these challenges.  No issue is too much for them, they always find a solution.”  Roland Snooks, Heathrow Express
“AssessTech’s ACMS platform is completely industry focused and industry driven and their work with us and other TOCs has resulted in a robust solution that meets the need of the whole industry. They are agile, flexible and customer driven and regularly challenge us when we come up with new ideas to determine whether they are specific requirements for GWR as a business or a wider industry need. As the biggest TOC using ACMS we drive many of the new system developments, however our processes may not always be exemplar, so AssessTech will look at the best solution that meets the needs of the industry.“  Stewart Player, GWR
We’re currently in talks with a number of new organisations about adopting ACMS as their competence management platform which will bring some new ideas, new features and new challenges for 2019.  Watch this space…