Incident Recovery Kit

A Tabletop Simulation

The Incident Recovery Kit is an interactive tabletop simulation, played in the style of a board game. It’s been developed, By AssessTech, as a training aid for roles such as:

  • Train Operator Liaison Officer (TOLO)
  • Station Incident Officer (SIO)
  • Rail Incident Commander (RIC)

It’s a really interesting way to train learners in how to respond to an incident, prevent escalation and maintain a good reputation.

Incident response training is typically a dry subject and the people involved often go a long period of time between training and execution of what they have learnt. AssessTech developed the Incident Recovery Kit because learning through interactive, interesting and engaging methods improves understanding, reinforces learning and increases retention.
Learners play their way through scenarios to address issues, test their underpinning knowledge and resolve the incident in a safe manner.

Co-operation, coordination and teamwork are key to success; all learners are on the same team and will succeed or fail together.

To find out about our TOLO, SIO and RIC training courses or to see how you could improve your own training with an Incident Recovery Kit, contact us on +44 (0)1483 338646 or