Behind the scenes… Development Team

From left to right, Lewis, Jace, Stefen and Tanya

This is the second of our Behind the Scenes blogs and this month we introduce you to the developers who have the mammoth task of creating new pieces of software and new features to keep our customers happy, as well as fixing bugs and upgrading the software performance.

Jace Bennett is the lead developer on ACMS. He works on the web version of ACMS and is responsible for design, implementation and testing of all the new ACMS features as well as the software user interface design. As well as the exciting stuff, Jace also gets to fix software bugs and work on performance upgrades, however being a passionate problem solver (the more complex the better) and all round, nice guy, he’s happy to work on all types of projects. For Jace, having customers use the software and features that he has built, gives him a massive sense of achievement. Jace has been working hard over the last 6 months on the new Bulletin module which enables users to create and communicate with dynamic audiences on the go. The software is now live and is being rolled out to 3 customers as we speak! The release also includes the first release of the Check module and Configurable Resources. In his spare time, Jace is a video gamer, a gym enthusiast and a keen traveller. So if his bag is not full of stale gym gear, it’s got shorts, t-shirts and a ticket to somewhere exotic!

Enjoying the sunshine!

Case solved at the Xmas team building event

Stefen Canning works on the design, testing and implementation of all our Android and iOS apps.

Stefen, a keen programmer and the main developer on Android Apps, gets excited when an app comes together and aligns with customers’ expectations and requirements.    

A keen gamer and a bit of a book worm, Stefen has been busy working on creating his own game for personal use; a dungeon building sim which he has built to practice his coding skills.  His ‘coding’ mind was instrumental in helping the team ‘break-out’ of the Escape Rooms during the recent AssessTech team building event.

With all the data we manage within the business, Tanya Goshiy our database developer is a key member of our team. She is responsible for the architecture and design of the database as well as analytics and implementation of all the system reports.

Tanya is often faced with difficult challenges but likes nothing better than finding the right solution that meets the business or clients’ needs.   She works closely with the customer services team to create tailored reports and dashboards for customers to display the data in a digestible format.  

At the weekends Tanya, originally from the Ukraine, is either out and about on her motorbike or touring the UK and Europe finding interesting destinations in her campervan. 

Off on a bike trip