UK Light Rail Conference 2019

Developmental Competence for Light Rail at the UK Light Rail Conference.

As the industry’s leading annual congress and exhibition, the UK Light Rail Conference taking place in Manchester on 23 and 24 July brings together over 250 tramway, light rail and metro professionals to engage in open and honest debate around financing, planning, building, operating, maintaining and innovating across the sector.

AssessTech’s operational director Sally Brinkley is amongst the 55 speakers and panellists invited to speak in the plenary session on day 2. Sally’s talk will focus on the importance of developmental competence management for light rail.

When asked about competence management for light rail Sally said, “Developmental Competence Management is essential for the light rail Industry.  We’ve been working with heavy rail for a number of years and have seen a significant reduction in the number of incidents as a result of better competence management.  Light rail has additional challenges over heavy rail as the drivers need to rely on line of sight driving, where there are external risk factors that the driver has no control over.  We’ve worked closely with First Tram Operations who see adoption of developmental competence as a key strategy to minimise risk within their business.”

First Tram Operations have been using ACMS as their electronic competence management platform over the last 12 months and have seen significant improvements already. By identifying and correcting problems through a structured developmental competence management process, incident levels are significantly reduced and/or eliminated. This results in improved performance, reduced costs, improved visibility and confidence and reduction in incident rates.  Find out how they did it here.

The full conference programme for UK Light Rail can be seen here. 

AssessTech are also exhibiting at the conference, so if you are attending please feel free to come along and find out about our range of solutions and our network of partners. 

We’ll also be tweeting live from the conference so follow us on twitter to see the conference highlights.