Taking the ‘Impossible’ Training Online

Sally Brinkley was very pleased to be asked to speak at the latest accessplanit Webinar on the topic of “Taking the Impossible Training Online”.

With this brave new world of social distancing, at AssessTech we have had to face up to some interesting challenges to move all of our training online.  Some of this was fairly straightforward, but some was impossible, or so we were told.

Many of you will know that we have introduced gamification into our classroom courses through the invention of our two Interactive Training Aids, the Incident Recovery Kit and the Incident Cause Kit.

Playing board games remotely is obviously a challenge, but one we were up to!

Watch the video of the webinar opposite to see how we made online versions of the games and addressed the other challenges. If you want to watch the full videos of the online game play they are below, but why not sign up for one of our FREE sessions and try it for yourself?