ACMS 5.2.3 is here!

Recent improvements have been made to ACMS to boost data integrity, enhanced assessment module and better user experience.

This upgrade has focused on three core areas of improvement within the product suite.

    Data Integrity

    We have implemented greater safeguards to data integrity in 5.2.3 as we prepare to add single sign-on in our next release. These safeguards include:

    • additional checks to prevent duplicate personnel records
    • tools for migrating data and for linking unassigned records, and
    • more areas from which data can be directly downloaded to ensure it is easily accessible. 

    Assessment upgrade

    In response to a changing world, with more focus on remote activities, we have made improvements to the assessment module of ACMS. These improvements include:

    • greater oversight of supplemental/NTS criteria so that these items can be picked up by assessors during assessments
    • modifications to the authorisation process so that assessments can be re-authorised following approval, and
    • additional provision for interventions such as interviews, development plans and briefings to ensure these are represented in the competence cycle.

    User Experience

    In addition to these functional changes, there have been fundamental amendments to the design to improve manoeuvrability around the system, and to make it even easier to use. These changes include:

    • increased navigational links between distinct pages
    • additional drag and drop upload areas, and
    • the ability to preview attachments prior to download.

    There are also lots of additional enhancements and bug fixes in this release. You can read about the detail in our release notes here.

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