Innovation, Transformation and Sustainability at Middle East Rail 2022
The legacy of Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan was prominent at the recent Middle East Rail show which took place in Abu Dhabi during May. 
The Sheikh died from ill health a few days prior to the show but as an evangelist for digital transformation and his vision for innovation, to turn the country into a hub for logistics, transformation in the railway plays a very important part in the plans to make that happen. Currently there is huge investment being ploughed into the ports and harbours and the rail network will form a massive element of the transportation logistics linking the ports with the rest of the country.
Wendy Morton, UK Minister, visits the AssessTech Stand

AssessTech exhibited on the British Pavilion at the show and met lots of very interesting people over the 2 days. There was lots of interest in AssessTech’s risk management, governance and tools to digitalize operations, with a strong focus on developing a strong safety culture across the industry. Minister for the UK, from the Department for Transport, Wendy Morton visited the stand and commented that it was great to see innovation coming out of the UK, positioning the UK well within the wider global economy. During her visit, she referred to AssessTech as ‘digital innovators’.

Sustainability was also a key theme flowing through the show to align with the county’s global ambition to reduce carbon footprint.  Railway organisations across the Middle East have invested heavily in infrastructure but it was apparent that the next focus for the industry is around operations.  AssessTech’s products offer huge sustainability benefits through offering more efficient planning solutions, reducing paper and streamlining processes and providing better management information.  

The brand new PIER system (PLAN, INFORMATION, EVENT, ROSTER) launched at the show provides railway organisations with the ability to see what’s happening across their entire operations in real-time and manage it all in one place, minimising downtime and incidents and maximising the use of resources. There was a lot of interest in the PIER system along with the other products ACMS, AssessBook, AssessTube and AssessRisk. Find out more about these products on our website here: