National Express Germany choose AssessTech as their preferred supplier of electronic competence management

National Express Germany is a subsidiary of National Express Group plc who operate among other train lines the Rhine-Münster Express and the Rhine-Wupper-Bahn rail services in Germany. 

 The company  had an internal requirement to streamline their reporting and improve compliance, so Head of Safety Daniel Preis was tasked with finding a solution. Having looked at various solutions in the industry, Preis chose AssessTech’s electronic competence management solution ACMS as their preferred platform. 

We interviewed Daniel at our recent user forum to ask him why he chose ACMS.  “Being able to extract reports for our senior management team that show progress and overall performance of our business will be of significant benefit to National Express Germany.  We also like the fact that we can suggest improvements as our requirements evolve.”

National Express Germany was also looking for a learning management system (LMS) that integrated with their chosen training management system (TMS) from Accessplanit. We have been working closely with accessplanit over the last few months to integrate AssessBook, our LMS, into the accessplanit TMS, a further contributing factor to their decision in choosing AssessTech as their preferred solutions provider.

Listen to Preis’ full interview here.