AssessBook integrates with accessplanit’s software to create a smooth, automated competence record

Following their presentation at the AssessTech User Forum in September 2019, we interviewed Joe Nixon, Business Development Manager of training management software provider, accessplanit, to find out a bit more about their business and the recent partnership with AssessTech.

accessplanit are an innovative training software house producing management software for training organisations that have learning and development and/or training departments across multiple industries, including railway.  They are currently working with National Express Germany who are using accessplanit’s software for internal staff training to streamline and automate their training process.  The focus areas for National Express Germany include course administration, resourcing and scheduling, compliance (gaps in employee training), employee ownership of their own learning, empowering managers to take accountability of staff and reporting to measure the impact of training.

AssessBook Integration

accessplanit’s software currently integrates with AssessBook to provide the competence management element.  This ensures all the administration, resourcing and e-learning competence of these courses is completed in AssessBook and logs who has completed each individual course and what their status is; pass, fail, scheduled onto another course.

The first integration project is currently being planned with National Express Germany who have recently become a client of AssessTech.  

Joe Nixon, Business Development Manager, accessplanit

“We’re really excited about this project as it will help clients streamline the competence element of their training and log it automatically against the individual’s training record.  AssessTech are a great partner for us and we’re looking forward to seeing the early results of the National Express Germany integration” said Joe.

“We are really pleased to be working with accessplanit. Their Training Management System really complements the AssessTech product suite and will bring a great set of additional benefits to our customers – and they are a great bunch too!” — Sally Brinkley, Director, AssessTech.

Sally Brinkley, Operations Director, AssessTech