Dealing with the impossible in times of #UKLockdown

It has been interesting delivering the ‘almost impossible’ training courses this week.  We recently used our Incident Recovery Kit simulation game in a virtual SIO training course for MTREL. 

The TOLO, SIO and RIC training courses are a highly important part of the training portfolio and are difficult to deliver in a workshop environment due to the subject matter being quite dry.  We wanted to make these courses more interesting, so we introduced our own tailored board games to make the learning interactive.

The Incident Recovery Kit used in a workshop environment was receiving excellent feedback prior to #UKlockdown. We have now converted the boardgame into an online game to train learners how to respond to an incident, prevent escalation and maintain a good reputation. The concept, process and outcomes were identical to the offline game and candidates at a recent course from MTR Elizabeth Line said it was really interactive and fun.

Stations Competence Manager at MTR Elizabeth Line, Lisa Gillman said:

“I attended AssessTech’s SIO refresher training course online. I kept an open mind as to how it would be delivered and whether it was going to be as good as a classroom based course. I was pleasantly surprised. The training was delivered well, was very informative and even had an interactive game. There was also free flowing discussion around sharing experiences. Well done to AssessTech, Simon, Gary and my fellow MTREL colleagues for making it so enjoyable.”

The Incident Cause Kit has also been converted into an online game.  A training aid based on scoring points against your colleagues, this online game is for new investigators and is a standardisation tool for stimulating discussion amongst more experienced practitioners.   

If you are interested in finding out more about these online games and trying them out for yourself, why not book into one of our free taster sessions throughout May and June: