Game Changing Investigation Training

We have recently introduced a new training course aimed at individuals who undertake the role of Designated Competent Person (DCP) for incidents and accidents within the railway industry. 

Undertaking a good investigation after an incident and focusing on the underlying causes can positively affect the incident recurrence of an organisation and this course focuses on those core elements.

In our day-to-day delivery of investigation training, we noticed that there were some basic knowledge gaps due to skills fade and having spoken to investigators across the industry we identified a need to deliver two things:

  • A refreshed investigations course; and
  • The introduction of a new DCP Course

The focus of the course is to provide a refresher in the basics of conducting an investigation exploring aspects such as establishing causes, errors and violations, understanding the levels of investigations, fact finding and the 72 hour review.   Each course is tailored specifically to the standards of the Company and the local procedures of the department.   It is aimed at anyone whose role involves a DCP or if they need a refresher due to skills fade. 

The course was recently delivered to ScotRail. 

Garry Walker, Competence Standards Manager at ScotRail said, “We identified a need for the DPC course and were delighted that AssessTech took our requirements and turned them into a tailored course that reflected the bespoke requirements of ScotRail.   The course really explored the root cause of incidents which is essential for all railway organisations to potentially lead to the reduction in incidents, as we all work towards a safer railway.  Gary Howitt who delivered the course ‘virtually’ was knowledgeable and highly experienced and had a nice, relaxed manner. Gary made the course highly engaging and used a series of tools to enable delegates to understand their role as a DCP.  This course was definitely good value for money.”

Course Benefits

Through up-skilling investigators to ensure they know the minimum investigation verification criteria, each individual can self-assess their own work before sending it to the DCP. 

This results in the following benefits:

  • Saves time
  • Makes the process more efficient
  • Can contribute to the reduction in incidents and accidents.
  • Reduce the likelihood of the report being returned to the investigator at a later date for additional work

Find out more and book the DCP course in our Online Knowledge Base.

DCP Course