Internal Quality Assurance Award monitors assessor performance

The Internal Quality Assurance (IQA) Award is aimed at individuals within an organisation who are responsible for planning, managing and/or verifying assessors. 

These individuals are known as internal quality assurers or more commonly, ‘verifiers’.

Internal Quality Assurance helps trained individuals (verifiers) monitor the activities of their assessors, ensuring all assessments are conducted fairly.  It also promotes standardisation activities that improve the organisations assessment standards and processes, leading to best practice with a focus on reducing incidents across the business.

The IQA award from AssessTech is a 2-day course, leading to a City and Guilds qualification, that is tailored to each organisation’s own standards and processes.  It provides a complete refresher for assessors to ensure they are carrying out their duties correctly. 

The course is taught using a developmental competence approach, therefore the assessor will put the candidate front and centre of the process, focussing on their needs and encouraging them to own their own competence.  It explores the 4 stages in the competence management process…

    • Planning
    • Gathering Evidence
    • Feedback
    • Standardisation

One of the unique elements of the course is the use of a sampling strategy with examples of how to plan and verify assessors. This addresses a common problem in the industry whereby verifierslearn the theory of sampling but struggle with how to apply this in practice for their organisations.

Benefits of this course include:

    • Promoting a developmental approach within the organisation
    • Unique and practical approach to sampling
    • Adoption of a strategy that can lead to a reduction in incidents
    • A bespoke course tailored to the organisation’s own standards.

And we’ve received some great feedback…

Nick Crew, Driver Training/Simulator Manager at Great Western Railway said…

“The course was informative and interesting, brilliantly delivered and has giving me plenty of food for thought.   I’m looking forward to getting the qualification and looking forward to further guidance and coaching.”

Barry Gauntlett, Driver Manager at SWR commented…

“The course was fantastic and the presentation interactive, professional and understandable, I have certainly left feeling up-skilled and more equipped to do my job professionally”.

AssessTech’s Learning and Development consultant Paul Wallis said…

“This course is designed with the assessor in mind to equip them with the right tools and knowledge to ensure they are carrying out their duties correctly and fairly.  I really enjoy delivering it.   It is a very practical course as it explores theoretical areas and focuses on how to turn that theory into practice.” 

If you would like to find out more details about the IQA Award course or book it for your organisation, please contact: