AssessBook enabled GWR to reduce skills fade

Andy Long confirms e-Learning through AssessBook has enabled GWR to reduce skills fade during lockdown.

Working from home for many of us has been a challenge between home schooling, noisy neighbours, back to back Zoom calls, interruptions from our pets and simply trying to keep our wellbeing intact, it’s been tough!

One of the areas where we are seeing significant benefit is around the area of Virtual courses and e-Learning.  90% of our current training is now being delivered online which has meant individuals can maintain their competence levels and reduce ‘skills fade’.  In fact, AssessTech was the first training provider to move all their training online as soon as the pandemic struck back in March 2019 and solutions such as AssessBook have really made a difference.

Andy Long, Driver Competence Specialist, GWR

Great Western Railway (GWR) have embraced virtual learning 100%.  A recent article in RSSB’s RightTrack newsletter from GWR’s Driver Competence Specialist Andy Long highlighted what he thought the benefits of using AssessBook are for online training.  

“AssessBook has opened up training in ways we never expected. For one thing, our drivers, conductors, and station staff have told us they’re much happier being able to learn at the pace that’s right for them. Not everyone likes the ‘back to school’ feel of the traditional training room, and not everyone’s happy sticking up their hand to ask a question or ask the trainer to repeat something.  With remote learning, none of those issues matter.

“We have courses on everything from dealing with vulnerable passengers, to train dispatch, to what to do if there’s a tree or cow on the line. The learner can replay a course as many times as they want or need to. “

Although AssessTech are recently starting to introduce some socially distanced classroom based training back into our day to day business, virtual training and online learning is definitely here to stay!