The AssessTech Competence Management System (ACMS)  is broken down into a number of optional modules that allow you to choose the system you need to support your business. The optional modules are:

  • Assessment
  • Incident
  • Licensing
  • Hours Tracker
  • Link Management
  • Inspection NEW!

We work with you to understand your needs and set up your system to support you in the right way.

Base Module

The Base Module allows you to customise your ACMS to meet your company standards and needs. You can add your own logos, setup your company structure and manage all sorts of reference data. It also provides facilities to add personnel to the system and manage roles and security settings.

Home Page

The ACMS home page provides your users with a snapshot of the current state of play, tailored to their role and security group. Users can tailor the home page to suit themselves, marking favourite reports and positioning the various widgets to best suit their function.

Flexible Searching

People Search and Resource Search facilities allow you to search for people not only by name, but also on the basis of their capability. Some of the search criteria that can be used are:

  • Name, ID, date of birth, role and/or job title
  • Competencies signed (including route and traction knowledge)
  • Region, depot and team

Candidate Dashboard

The Candidate dashboard gives a view on everything ACMS knows about a person. The tabs which are available for a person, depend on their role, the security settings for the user viewing the dashboard, and the other modules of ACMS that are active.

Users of ACMS have a screen called “My Page”, which is accessible from the home screen.  This is a view on all the data stored on the system about them.  It’s similiar to the candidate dashboard, but the security permissions, functions and reports are tailored to be appropriate to the set of activities that people are allowed to do to themselves.

Branding and Language Support

The user interface is fully customisable to support your company’s own branding. A language file is included that can be tailored to support either local terminology or a completely different language.

Assessment Module

Assessment is a core part of competence management.  The Assessment module allows you to do the following:

  • Manage performance criteria sets
  • Plan assessments using schedules
  • Track progress against your plan
  • Analyse assessment data
  • Conduct assessments electronically
  • Rate criteria on your own developmental scale

iAssessU App

iAssessU comes as part of the Assessment Module. It's an application for use on an iPad or Android Tablet that allows Assessors to undertake assessments in a completely paper-free way.

Assessors can do the following using iAssessU:

  • View a candidates previous assessments
  • View a candidate’s schedule to see when assessments are due
  • Mark off performance criteria using your own developmental scale and make detailed comments against specific criteria
  • Review items marked for development
  • Record details of any journey undertaken (as waypoints)
  • Write an assessment summary
  • Pause and restart the assessment as appropriate

Incident Module

The Incident module helps you manage all of your operational incidents.  You can replicate your existing paper-based investigation processes electronically,  including the ability to:

  • Log incidents
  • Set due dates for investigations and allocate to the appropriate investigators
  • Attach incidents to people
  • Collect and upload evidence
  • Enter the sequence of events on a timeline
  • Choose causes from the RSSB cause set (or build you own)
  • Make recommendations
  • Record outcomes, such as action taken and development plans
  • Generate Investigation reports using your own company standard
  • Manage the approvals cycle for investigations

You see all incidents and investigations using the Incident and Investigation Workbench.

Licensing Module

Originally designed to support the European Driver Licensing directive, this module is now extended to support the issuing of all sorts of custom documentation. Specifically it’s being used to issue the following:

  • Complementary certificates for European Driver Licenses
  • Safety Critical Work ID (SCWID) cards
  • Driving cab passes
  • General ID cards
  • Route and traction knowledge cards

You can use the Licensing module to issue your own bespoke ID cards and documentation with your own branding according to your own company standards.

Hours Tracker Module

This module is for tracking the driving hours and it is specifically for trainee drivers, during the practical handling phase of their training programme. It provides the following features:

  • Tracking hours against core routes
  • Tracking hours driven during daylight and darkness
  • Reporting on the progress against a target number of hours for daylight, darkness and/or specific core routes.
  • Tracking and reporting on trainees overrunning their practical handing schedule

iTrack App (NEW!*)

iTrack comes as part of the Hours Tracker Module. It's an application for use on an iPad or Android Tablet that allows the module to be used offline and in a completely paper-free way.

*General availability: Q1 2017

Link Module

This module exists to manage Links. Links are also known as “turns” or shift patterns. They represent a set of things a person must be competent to do, in order to work in a particular place at a particular time.

A Link is described on ACMS in the following terms:

  • Role (i.e. Driver / Guard)
  • List of routes
  • List of traction
  • Depot

You can assign people to Links and quickly assess their competence gap for working that Link.

Inspection Module

Originally conceived to support electronic inspection of train operating companies using the Risk Management Maturity Model (RM3) this module provides general support for inspecting articles (inspecting physical things rather than assessing people). It gives you tools for the following:

  • Electronic collection of evidence (using an offline app)
  • Managing the relationship between articles
  • Version control of criteria sets
  • Data visualisation and data analysis
  • Bespoke report generation

*General availability: Q4 2016

iInspect App

iInspect comes as part of the Inspection Module. It’s an application for use on an iPad or Android Tablet that enables an inspector to conduct an inspection in a completely paper-free way by providing a mechanism for collecting evidence and notes in the field.

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