Opening up people’s eyes to new training methods

As you will have read in our recent blog Moving all our training online to keep you safe, we have moved all our training to video conferencing as most of our candidates are now working from home. The online training is going so well, we may even consider maintaining it as a permanent option alongside classroom training after we return to normal.

We thought we’d share some of the amazing feedback we’ve been receiving so you can see what other people’s experiences were. Our first training session was with SW Railway last week….

“I had no idea how this course was going to be delivered online, but I was blown away by how Paul made it work. I’ve taken away so much from the course, not only the material itself, but also in how we can deliver remote learning to our own teams through new technology. Thanks AssessTech for paving the way.” — Jamie Danielle Matterface, Operations Standards Manager at SW Railway.

“It was fantastic. Paul was really engaging and professional under challenging conditions. The whole 2 days was so smooth. I was worried that I would miss the course. I was dubious that it would work over 2 whole days being delivered in this manner, but I was happy to be proved wrong. I would definitely participate in this format anytime.” — Barry Gauntlett, Driver Manager at SW Railway.

We also had feedback from James Poskitt at Siemens Mobility Ltd who also attended another of our online training courses delivered by Gary Howitt who commented: “Thank you for yesterday’s session. It was really useful to carry out the session using Zoom and it certainly opened my eyes to new training methods. It was also nice to break up the ‘solo working’ as well.”

So if you are thinking that your scheduled training courses can’t continue due to lockdown, think again. All the attendees need is access to a phone, tablet or laptop with internet access. It’s simple to set up and candidates walk away with a similar (or in some cases better) experience.

It’s also a great time to catch up on all your training while many of us are working from home!

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