AssessTech launches new Non-Technical Skills Training designed specifically for Assessors

In the assessing world, the impact of non-technical skills (NTS) can be exposed when exploring safety improvements and reducing incidents. 

These NTS include an individual’s abilities to carry out a task, personality, interpersonal skills and motivations, which all have a strong correlation to their technical skills.

In 2012 the Railway Safety and Standards Board (RSSB) published some key work research that identified 26 NTS for train drivers. These NTS included elements such as situational awareness, communication, workload management self-management and working with others.   The research indicated a growing trend in NTS contributing to incidents.

Alan Hollowell, Competence Development Manager, MTREL

AssessTech has recently launched an NTS training course which aims at exploring and dealing with these NTS impacts in situations to reduce safety related incidents.  The first course attendees were assessors from MTR Elizabeth Line (MTREL).  Lisa Gillman from MTREL felt the course was well prepared, informative and well presented.

Alan Hollowell, Competence Development Manager, MTREL said, “Most of my non-technical skills knowledge had been self-taught and gathered through research and discussions with others.  As an assessor you sometimes forget about some of the NTS skills that aren’t at the forefront of your mind, so by being able to go on a dedicated course looking at all of these areas enabled me to explore other NTS skills.  The format of the course was good, and Simon made the course interactive and interesting, considering it was delivered online considering the current COVID pandemic.  I would definitely recommend the course to other assessors and front-line staff.” 

Learning and Development Consultant at AssessTech Simon Grove, who delivered the course, commented, “It is so important for assessors to understand human factors and non-technical awareness.  This course is designed to pull out what these things really mean and provide rail specific examples to bring them to life.”

If you would like to find out more details about the NTS for Assessors course or book it for your organisation, please contact: 

Simon Grove, L&D Consultant, AssessTech