Arriva Rail London’s Ryan Dearlove qualifies as a Lead Verifier

A first for AssessTech as Arriva Rail London’s Ryan Dearlove qualifies as a City and Guilds Level 4 Lead Verifier.

As the Operations Development Manager for Arriva Rail London, Ryan Dearlove, who has worked in the rail industry for 30 years, is responsible for the development of driver managers and driver assessors. 

As a business operating in a heavily regulated industry, Arriva Rail London understand the importance of assessing and verifying their staff. Rather than just assessing their competence managers and assessors, Ryan guided the business to begin taking verification of those individuals, reviewing their work, standardising their actions and utilising standard documentation to ensure a continuous process of training and monitoring.

Ryan created the Internal Quality Assurance (IQA) standard for the business in early 2021. To enable him to develop and roll this out across the business, Ryan approached AssessTech to help him undertake his City and Guilds Level 4 City Lead Internal Quality Assurance Verifier Qualification which he has recently been awarded.

Driver managers and assessors now undertake verifications following the IQA standard developed by Ryan and, as the lead verifier, manages that team to ensure Arriva Rail London ultimately has ‘one way of working’ and one set of standards. Utilising this process, the driver managers and assessors share individual elements such as verification plans, sampling of work, and standardisation and training of assessors onto their team of drivers, dispatchers and controllers.

Ryan said,

“I approached AssessTech to put me through my qualification as they are well recognised in the industry as a lead supplier of training and we already use them at Arriva Rail London for all of our investigator and assessor training. The training team are excellent. The courses are interesting, engaging, and informative, and to keep their courses fresh, AssessTech are always looking to innovate using different technology solutions and new ways of training. I am particularly impressed with their use of gamification in the TOLO course, bringing it to life. It is definitely unique – most of the other training providers are still using paper-based tools!”

The next step for Ryan is to roll the IQA standards out across other safety related departments within Arriva Rail London such as dispatchers, control staff and shunting so everyone is following the same processes.

Ryan Dearlove, Operations Development Manager, ARL