Instructor Award boosts training delivery skills

There’s always a need for individuals on the railway to receive training and support to help them deliver learning to groups or individuals.

This could be anything from providing learning to help someone deliver a presentation to an audience or supporting individuals who are delivering learning content to drivers, guards, shunters, station staff, etc who are looking to become instructors in their core role.

AssessTech’s Instructor Award course is accredited by City and Guilds and results in a Level 3 NVQ.  It takes place over 3 days with days 1 and 2 happening concurrently and day 3 approximately a month later.

Day 1 is an underpinning knowledge course where individuals gain insight into learning styles, personal styles and the learning qualities necessary to become a Learning and Development Practitioner.  Candidates also gain insight into learning barriers and ways to overcome them, the training cycle, and how to structure a training session.

Day 2 involves candidates delivering a group exercise which is assessed by the AssessTech course assessor.

Candidates then go on to plan and execute a second group and 1:1 session.

Day 3 Candidates are required to deliver a 1:1 learning session under assessment by their tutor/assessor.

The candidate will then go on to plan and deliver 2 further sessions – one to a group and one to an individual, unsupervised.  They then submit their work to their AssessTech tutor for grading and feedback.  When the tutor is happy the work is of a competent standard, the entire portfolio is supplied to C&G for certification and successful candidates will receive a Level 3 NVQ

Candidates attending this course benefit from:

  • Learning how to plan and deliver a quality, structured training session
  • Building confidence in sharing learning with others
  • Training on how to enable learners’ safety
  • Understanding the broad spectrum of responsibilities.

Andy Beardsley, GB Railfreight

Andy Beardsley, GB Railfreight said, “I attended the course after receiving a training opportunity from GB Railfreight to reward the work I was delivering to help mentor new staff in the test train operational department.  I didn’t really know what to expect and was quite nervous before the course started.  However, the course was a game changer and has completely shaped my current career.  Gary Howitt, our course trainer was amazing.  He made the course interesting, relevant and bespoke to every individual.  By the end of the course, my confidence levels had increased significantly, I had learned how to successfully create and deliver an engaging presentation, and I successfully secured my L&D Practitioner at Level 3.  I have now secured a permanent position within GB Railfreight and my new role is to create and deliver test train operator training courses for new staff at partner organisations such as Hitachi and Bombardier, so I am using all the skills I learned on the AssessTech Instructor Award course.”

Gary Howitt, Instructor Award course trainer said, “Having recently received my level 4 diploma in learning and development through City and Guilds, I felt I had a much deeper insight into what we need to do as learning and development professionals to help others.”

Gary Howitt, L&D Consultant, AssessTech

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