Railtrain uses ACMS to Streamline their Competence Management Processes

A recent collaboration with Railtrain Holdings Group resulted in a pilot of our electronic competence management solution, ACMS within their New South Wales branch.

They are now planning to launch ACMS on the Sydney port shuttle service in July 2022. 

Railtrain Holding Group (RHG) has branches in every state in Australia and employ over 650 employees. They provide bespoke workforce solutions, construction and maintenance of rail services, track protection, signalling and electrical systems, supply of rail workforces and design as well as the delivery of nationally recognised training for clients such as BHP, Rio Tinto, Roy Hill, Pacific National, Aurizon, John Holland and local government networks.

Railtrain’s new ACMS, with the Pacific National theme

There was a requirement to streamline internal processes around the workforce management of RHG’s people.  Employees currently undertake training and are recorded as competent, however there are no processes in place to record how well they pass.

RHG have previously utilised Cloud Assess, however found the process cumbersome.  This resulted in them moving back to paper-based processes, but want a more streamlined approach, which has resulted in the pilot with AssessTech.  RHG is looking for more than just a training tool with AssessTech, exploring further options around behaviours, safety management and workforce development.

Ron Roberts, RHG Trainer, said,

“It’s been great to utilise ACMS via the pilot to run a short assessment for our team. I found the grading process and tracking of results easy to use and the schedule of regular and route assessments and incident reporting very useful. The system provides opportunities for us to train individuals from new recruits through to qualified drivers and provides the ability to track progress and route assessments over that time period.  It also means assessments are captured in real-time so can be viewed by RTO’s and managers, remotely and as soon as they are complete.”

Ron Roberts, Trainer at RHG

Graham Butler, Executive Director of RHG

Graham Butler, Executive Director of RHG, said,

“RHG always looks to continuously improve its training and quality of its employees. When issues arise in the field, we want to be able to record individuals training risk scoring them on measurable criteria to understand skills gaps.  This initiative will give us the opportunity to identify high risk employees before an incident occurs, we can then focus on additional training measures to reduce the risk and improve our overall safety performance as an organisation. We are issuing national units of competency across Australia, regulated by ASQA (Australian Skills Quality Authority) so our training must be more than just yes/no answers; and we need a way to interrogate the written answers using innovative tools like Artificial Intelligence to assess each individual against our criteria.”

Gabriel Stroud, CEO, AssessTech said,

“We are delighted to announce this pilot with Railtrain Holdings Group as our first customer in Australia.  The team at RHG are truly innovative in their aspirations. They have been excellent in clearly defining their training and competence needs which has enabled us to provide a bespoke version of our electronic competence management platform ACMS, with a defined focus on behaviours, safety management and workforce development. We are eager to see the results of the pilot and working further with Graham, Ron and the rest of the team as we enter the next phase.”  

Gabriel Stroud, CEO of AssessTech