AssessTech Supports the UK’s first Fully Electric Parcel Delivery Service
Recently launched Varamis Rail has created the UK’s first 100% zero-emissions rail logistics operation…

…delivering parcels and light goods along the West Coast Main Line rail corridor in 2022 linking Birmingham and Scotland.

The pandemic has seen many of us staying at home which has resulted in a dramatic increase in demand for online shopping and delivery service of parcels and light goods.

The UK parcels industry is intrinsically connected to a road-based network and a last-mile delivery system that integrates around local operators.

Phil Read, Founder of Varamis Rail

Phil Read, founder of Varamis Rail said,

“If industry is to meet the UK government target of net-zero emissions by 2050, then ambitious, carbon-free initiatives like Varamis Rail service offering are not just desirable, they are essential. Long distance road vehicles struggle to handle the volumes that rail can offer and will always be behind the technological curve when it comes to taking carbon out of the economy. Varamis Rail aims to future-proof our economy by being forward-thinking, constantly improving our systems and pursuing all opportunities to reduce the UK’s carbon footprint and take a lead in environmental sustainability. Looking into the future our business ambition is to be a protagonist in reform helping the UK achieve its ‘net-zero’ targets by 2050.”

Varamis Rail is taking advantage of existing rail connected mail facilities built in the 1990s, that are currently not used or under-utilised. This makes use of existing infrastructure and also generates another revenue stream into the railway to supplement the decrease in passenger transport over the last 2 years.

To maintain its green credentials, Varamis Rail has looked to AssessTech for electronic competence management, providing them with a fully paperless approach. Phil Read said,

“I want everyone in Varamis Rail to use ACMS. I thoroughly believe that everyone should be responsible for their own learning and development and the developmental approach to learning promoted by AssessTech aligns with our approach. We were originally going to create a paper-based process, but I quickly realised this didn’t complete my ‘carbon neutral circle’ so the ACMS solution is a great fit. As a business on the railway, safety is paramount to everything we do and AssessTech’s solution provides us with an excellent way to ensure we manage competence, maintain staff learning and reduce incidents.”

As a business AssessTech is focused on helping the Government meet its net-zero targets of 2050.  Varamis Rail is a great example of a business radically challenging current thinking and aligns well with AssessTech’s own values.  We have been chipping away at the paper-mountain that has evolved around competence management in the railway over the last 30 years and will continue to do so until everyone in the industry enjoys the benefit of a fully electronic approach.     
Gabriel Stroud

CEO, AssessTech