MTREL work closely with AssessTech to ensure train dispatchers are competent post COVID

Whilst much of the focus of the Elizabeth line has rightly been in the technological and engineering marvels, the ‘people’ behind the Elizabeth line play just as important role as the physical assets.

As stations were handed over to the new line’s operator, MTR Elizabeth line, the training and equipping of station colleagues with the competencies they needed to carry out their roles was paramount to ensure a successful opening.

To ensure station colleagues met their framework deadlines and the frequency of the competence assessments, MTREL worked in partnership with AssessTech to help upskill the train dispatchers and in-house competence development managers (CDMs) as well as review MTREL’s existing competency framework, process, and procedures.

Cassie Sutton, Head of Stage 3 Station Mobilisation, MTREL

Cassie Sutton, Head of Stage 3 Station Mobilisation at MTREL said,

“We work with AssessTech across the business, using their electronic competence management software ACMS to manage the competence of all our staff. It was a logical step to get them involved in this process. Not only did they support individuals with the competence development management, they also helped our Learning and Development team with materials relating to the key safety roles provided by MTREL Customer Experience Assistants.

“Doug Aitken from AssessTech has become integral to the railway’s operations as he is an experienced safety critical assessor, and through his experience and knowledge has supported our front-line colleagues to expand their own knowledge and skills.”

It has been great working with MTREL across the central section of the Elizabeth line in preparation for welcoming passengers onto the railway. It is thoroughly rewarding to observe the ongoing progress of individuals’ competence management within the customer facing safety critical grade.
Doug Aitken

L&D Consultant, AssessTech