Support for GTRailway to understand the role of a TOLO

Duty Network Operations Manager at GTRailway David Stokes attended the TOLO course with AssessTech to understand the role of a TOLO better.

Why did you attend the course?

Having been on the railway for 20 years initially as a train driver and subsequently in a control role, David was aware of the activities of a TOLO but he didn’t have a specific requirement to know all their duties.  In his current role, he is now deploying TOLOs because of incidents and felt it was imperative that he understood their role better.

Why did you choose AssessTech?

AssessTech were appointed by the GTR training team to deliver the course. David said, “AssessTech are the preferred training partner of GTR. I didn’t really know a lot about AssessTech prior to the course but having researched the course and the course materials prior to attending the course, I was impressed with the quality of the information provided.

How did you find the course?

One of the key benefits of being on the course was being able to explain to TOLOs what is needed from a control perspective and for me to understand what is expected of a Control manager. It also provided insights that will help me make the decision of when I will and will not need a TOLO.”

David Stokes
Duty Network Operations Manager at GTRailway

Would you recommend the course to others?

David has recommended the course to other duty managers. “It is our responsibility to understand what we are asking of people when we send them to site.  This is a great course, easy to understand, great content and our trainer Simon was very good.”