AssessTech Develops New Transboardment Bridge Training

When approached by SWR, the AssessTech Training team were confident they could provide a solution.

AssessTech was approached by South Western Railway who had a desire to provide practical training in deploying the transboardment bridge. SWR recognised that whilst these evacuations are very rare, it’s crucial that the relevant staff had first hand experience of using and deploying the bridge so that should the need arise, there’s a level of confidence and familiarity which would aid a safe and efficient evacuation.

AssessTech Training was more than happy to facilitate these sessions, and set about obtaining a bridge that we could use to base the sessions around. We built a structure that would simulate bridge suspension in a classroom environment, so that the sessions could be as close to real life as possible. 

The most important thing was to create a safe environment, highlighting and mitigating risks and hazards associated with bridge deployment. Safety first, as always! 

What we’ve created and delivered is a highly effective, engaging, practical session for small groups that promotes a safe environment for staff to learn about bridge deployment and build their confidence should this ever happen. 

Samantha Gorniot, Guards Manager at SWR said of the training:

‘It was really great to observe and then participate in a safe and controlled environment instead of on a small train with the pressure of getting passengers safely evacuated. Thanks again for your time and knowledge!’

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