User Forum Speaker Announcement: Lead IQA with Stewart Player, South Western Railway

We are excited to announce that Head of Operational Standards, Stewart Player, will be speaking at this year’s User Forum next month to discuss the work that South Western Railway have been doing to implement Lead IQA training.

South Western Railway (SWR) have over 60 Internal Quality Assurers (IQAs) in the business, all working to verify and improve the quality of competence assessments.

Having such a large number of verifiers presents a challenge in ensuring the work they’re all doing at this level is standardised and contributing to the business’ overall aims and objectives. Adding a Lead IQA function into this structure gives many benefits to the business and the IQA’s.

AssessTech hosting the Lead IQA course for South Western Railway in July.

South Western Railway worked with the Training & Consulting team at AssessTech to create a bespoke solution that could train 18 selected IQA’s. AssessTech suggested a sophisticated solution that combined training 18 candidates (which is a challenge in itself), whilst also developing and writing some of the underpinning strategy required to drive the actions of the Lead IQA’s.

Stewart talks of the benefits he has already noticed from the Lead IQA qualification within his business:

  • Clear structure and greater support for IQAs
  • Involving our people in all aspects of the verification process
  • Clear way of measuring and monitoring assessment success
  • Gaining feedback from IQAs from all business functions

Talking with Stewart ahead of his presentation next month, he said,

“This is one of the most significant changes we have done for a long time when it comes to competence management. The Lead IQA course has brought key IQA’s across the different grades within our business to agree a joint plan and work collaboratively on achieving this individual award.”

Stewart Player

Head of Operational Standards, South Western Railway

Stewart will be speaking at our User Forum in London next month where he will be discussing his experiences with the Lead IQA course held and developed by AssessTech.

AssessTech’s User Forum 2023 focuses on partnership with the railway and promoting a proactive approach.

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