Practical Investigator Award Training Support for Arriva Rail

We interviewed Mohammed Rahaman from Arriva Rail to capture his feedback from the Practical Investigator Award Training Support.

Two years ago, Mohammed Rahaman was promoted to driver manager at Arriva Rail, in which his role involved conducting investigations into incidents.

He was recommended to attend the Investigator Award course from AssessTech by his line manager Ryan Dearlove to learn the key skills necessary to undertake these investigations. We interviewed Mo to capture his feedback.

What did you think of the course?

The course was excellent. It was thorough and covered all the elements in lots of detail, linking it back to the TOLO course that I had attended previously. What I particularly liked is that the course is tailored around the candidates, so it is practical and insightful.

Which elements were particularly useful?

We were tested at the start of each day to see what we had retained from the previous day. We undertook mock investigations which were practical and useful.  The content of the course and the assignments were aligned to what we learned which was really useful. 

How good was the trainer?

Gary Howitt who delivered the course is a great trainer.  His previous experience as a train driver meant he could provide tips and advice from his own personal experience, rather than being textbook delivery.  Gary is extremely knowledgeable and kept us engaged throughout.  He often asked us our thoughts and ensured we were keeping up with the information at each stage of the course. 

Did you receive follow up support?

Yes.  When I was doing my initial ‘real’ investigations following the course, Gary provided me with feedback and guidance to ensure I could apply the learning from the course to the investigation.  This was very helpful as it took the learning and put it into practice. 

Gary Howitt, L&D Consultant

Would you recommend the course to others?

I already have!  Some colleagues are using another course provider and I have expressed how the investigators course from AssessTech is practical, insightful, and taught by industry experts, which makes it much more useful for our roles. 

What’s next?

I would like to do the Internal Verifiers course next as that is the natural progression from the Investigators Award.  

We put our investigators through the Investigator Award with AssessTech which results in a City & Guilds qualification. The level of mentoring and support that comes with this award is what makes the difference between a good investigator and a great one.  AssessTech is my first choice for all of our training needs. Their courses are bespoke to our standards and as well as being subject matter experts, their trainers are personable and committed to supporting candidate success.

Ryan Dearlove

Operations Development Manager, Arriva Rail London