Joining the Trade Mission to the Train and Rail show in Stockholm

Gabriel Stroud and Hannah Washer will be joining a mission to the Train and Rail show in Stockholm, Sweden.

AssessTech will be joining a mission to the Train and Rail show in Stockholm, Sweden, from 24th to 27th April, including a networking reception at the British Embassy in Stockholm.

Organised by the Department of Business and Trade and the Railway Industry Association (RIA), the focus of the mission is to engage with TOCs, FOCs and other suppliers from across Sweden and Denmark.

Sweden has over 15,000km of rail tracks. As a nation, they want to build new rail infrastructure, but that naturally takes an enormous amount of investment, so as an industry they are looking to increase rail capacity through new and existing developing technologies.

There is also a focus to innovate around business processes to work smarter and more efficiently.

The Train and Rail show is being co-organised by the Swedish Railway Industry Association (Swedtrain) and provides a new meeting place for the industry.

We saw huge opportunities to work with the railway industry in Sweden and Denmark when we were attending InnoTrans. This is a great opportunity to have deeper conversations with the key players in the industry to promote the benefits and value of a developmental competence management approach.

Hannah Washer

Director, Product Management, AssessTech