AssessTech partner with Positive Planet to develop sustainability and environmental goals

AssessTech have partnered with sustainable business advisor Positive Planet to work on their sustainable development goals.

Rail is already one of the greenest forms of public transport in the UK.

RSSB states that ‘environmental and social sustainability are essential elements of the long-term vision for the rail industry. Achieving this and meeting government targets, requires a unified sustainability plan that will lead the sector in defining an industry-wide approach.’

AssessTech recognise the importance of being environmentally conscious as a business and are committed to wider sustainable development goals that work towards minimising any negative impact on the natural environment.

Small businesses are responsible for approximately ½ of all UK business greenhouse gas emissions, showing the importance of pushing a focus on sustainability across all SMEs.

Carbon Literacy Training took place in Positive Planet’s offices in Manchester.

Positive Planet are a sustainable business advisor who help SMEs to work towards their sustainability goals to deliver positive impact for the planet. 

Livi Player, Marketing Manager at AssessTech, recently attended Carbon Literacy Training provided by sustainability partner Positive Planet in Manchester.

Talking about the training, Livi said,

‘The course was a great opportunity to delve into what individuals and businesses can do to develop more sustainable operations. Carbon Literacy training helped me to understand what the future might look like, how it impacts our business and my role within AssessTech. I’m excited to begin developing our sustainable development goals and to put my new knowledge to the test to make AssessTech a sustainable workforce.’

Livi Player

Competence Specialist & Marketing Manager, AssessTech

Top trumps cards showing each country’s emissions.

PK Whelan, Global Trainer at Positive Planet, said, It’s great that businesses like AssessTech are taking the time to better understand what the future holds, how it impacts their business and roles within their company.’

AssessTech took their first carbon footprint in the year 2021/22 which will now be measured annually. It is from this measurement that we can understand how activities are currently performing to allow us to understand how we can feasibly, realistically, and accurately improve.

We have recently appointed a Green Ambassador to take the lead on our sustainability and environmental activities as part of our sustainability strategy to boost employee awareness and lead community initiatives.

Over the next year, we will be working closely with our suppliers to engage in conversations around sustainable actions and product procurement as well as working to support cleaner and greener travel for our employees.