Managing Risk using 6clicks

AssessTech are partnering with 6clicks to offer their risk management tool to the railway industry.

This tool enables organisations to manage all their risk and compliance data in one place and effectively share this across different teams and departments.

 6clicks will be joining us at this year’s User Forum to explain how this solution can be used to manage risks and issues, including the implementation of recommendations that come out of incident investigations.

Organisations may be struggling with challenges such as:

  • Process failure
  • Lack of accountability
  • Managing their issues and risks register
  • Capturing information across the business in one centralised area

    We have been speaking with some of our TOCs to better understand how they manage risks on the railway. Feedback we have captured to-date includes:

    • Actions and recommendations around incidents are being captured on spreadsheets
      • These are circulated to operations managers who have no accountability
      • No audit trail / version control / viewings of who opens etc
    • Investigation outcomes are captured centrally and actions are assigned to users who close them, however there is no place to store the evidence to prove this has been done

    Megan Baltazar, Global Head of Partner Program, 6clicks

    6clicks offers users a wide range of benefits such as:

    • For organisations with multiple stations and locations, they can manage issues and risk assessments for each individual location
    • It has an integrated content library – AssessTech has added the Risk Management Maturity Model (RM3) criteria, with other criteria being added soon.  6clicks also supply content for ISO27001.
    • The new ‘Trust Portal’ offers users viewing rights for documentation to third parties – ensuring these individuals only see what’s necessary.
    • Document sharing and file storage – again ensuring individuals only have access to the information that is relevant to them – which is perfect for audit trail management
    • History management – being able to see all activity within the platform over a period of time.

    You will be able to find out more about this exciting tool and how it will benefit your organisation from Megan Baltazar, Global Head of Partner Program at 6clicks, who will be speaking at our User Forum in November.  Make sure you have signed up to attend.

    AssessTech’s User Forum will take place on Thursday 17th November, both online and in person in London.