CrossCountry Trains have adopted a developmental competence management approach for their staff

CrossCountry is part of the Arriva group, one of the leading providers of passenger transport in Europe.

The Control department had previously encountered challenges to maintain the competence management processes within their team.  Duty Managers were tasked with the role of staff assessment and they were too busy with their day job and grappling with the vast amount of paperwork and lack of time, that there were few real meaningful assessments being carried out.

AssessTech won a tender to provide an electronic competence management system to CrossCountry.  We worked with Head of Train Service Delivery Dave Slater and his team to rewrite their paper-based competence management processes to ensure their processes going forward were fit for purpose.

ACMS is already starting to transform the competence management process within the Control team.  David Slater said, “Although it is early days for CrossCountry we are already seeing a culture shift within the Control team.  We are seeing more efficiencies, our CMS has improved significantly, we have much better management information and reporting.  We can now spend more quality time with our candidates and provide a coaching led approach.

“It’s been great working with AssessTech to digitise the existing CMS.  Developmental competence management focuses on the quality of the assessment and gathering useful feedback.  It’s a robust process to follow for any organisation considering this approach.”

Read CrossCountry’s full case study here