MTREL used learning from IQA course to update and standardise processes

We recently spoke with Katherine Howe, Control Competence and Development Manager at MTREL, about why she chose to do the Internal Quality Assurance (IQA) Award course.

Here is what she had to say…

Why did you decide to do the course?

My role is completely focused on competence and as I already had the assessor qualification, I wanted to up-skill myself to become an IQA to assess the current assessor team.  Myself and a colleague did the course at the same time which meant we could assess each other as well as the assessors in our team. 

What made you choose AssessTech?

We already use their electronic competence management platform ACMS to capture all our competence data and they were delivering the Assessor Qualification to others in the team.   It made sense to use them to run this course in tandem.

How did you find the course?

It was really useful and enjoyable.  As I was new to IQA it provided really good insights into the background and all the underpinning elements which provided an excellent insight into the role of an IQA.  The trainer was knowledgeable, made me feel relaxed and covered everything necessary to deliver the role. 

Katherine Howe, Control Competence and Development Manager at MTR Elizabeth line

How has the course helped you in your day-to-day job?

Going on the IQA course enabled me to get my current role as IQA manager. The role was created as there was a gap in the team for this skillset.  I’ve used a lot of knowledge gained on the course to rewrite several of our processes and documents from an IQA perspective.  We’ve been able to bring ownership of this into our team rather than having it sitting in another part of the business enabling us to identify how we will manage competence within Control, develop competence, manage the IQA version of it, standardisation and how it will be incorporated into training.

Would you recommend it to others?

Definitely.  For anyone wanting to take on the IQA role, it is an excellent course that covers all the elements necessary to do the job.  AssessTech provide lots of support and feedback so you can ensure all of your questions and concerns are answered.