Network Rail work closely with AssessTech to ensure Customer Service Assistants remain competent

Network Rail worked in partnership with AssessTech to help provide the support required to upskill their station staff and streamline their competence management processes.

Network Rail continue their focus in the investment of their station staff in a push to support the improvement and update of their current standards of Front Line Teams on stations. Recognising a need to upskill station assessors and to support the revision of their current frameworks to help improve assessment frequency, Network Rail worked closely with AssessTech to provide the support required to upskill their station staff.

AssessTech were asked to review and update Network Rail’s current frameworks, processes, and procedures before performing assessor verifications at each station.

From January 2022, AssessTech began visiting all Network Rail managed stations to support the station staff in increasing the frequency of their competence assessments and introducing standardisation activities within each station.

CEO of AssessTech Gabriel Stroud meets with the Station Manager and Station Assessors at London King’s Cross Station.

Increasing the frequency of Network Rail’s CSA assessments has increased awareness of competence and brought it into the forefront of discussion within managed stations.

The work has:

  • Increased the time efficiency around assessing for Customer Service Assistants
  • started to reduce outdated paper formats across a handful of stations.
  • Managers have begun utilising their assessment data they are inputting to focus on training needs and ensuring station safety to reduce incidents.

We visited London King’s Cross in February this year. Being able to have these face-to-face conversations to share ideas and gain valuable feedback from station managers, station assessors and even candidates has been hugely beneficial for all parties. It has been great to support so many new assessors within Network Rail to begin their developmental journey towards streamlining not only their own competence but that of the station as well.

Gabriel Stroud

CEO, AssessTech