MLearn – Making e-Learning easier on the move

Mobile network connections are not always consistent in locations across the railway, and this poses challenges for staff when trying to complete e-Learning in these locations.

Candidates would like to take advantages of gaps in their schedule and complete e-learning modules wherever they are, be it in stations, depots or out and about. However, due to flaky network connectivity and/or device issues such as battery level, the online connection between device and server is often lost part way through a course or module.  This can lead to some or all of the completion data for the exercise being lost, leaving the candidate frustrated at not having their work recorded correctly or having to repeat learning.

At AssessTech we work with our customers to encourage a developmental competence approach, putting candidates front and centre of the process, focusing on their needs and encouraging them to own their own competence. This means that our customers are actively encouraging this ad-hoc approach to e-Learning for their candidates, making the issue of data loss during the remote online learning process a challenge.

The Solution

The answer here is to distinguish between remote online e-learning (as described above) and offline e-Learning, which fundamentally changes the technical solution by allowing a course or module to be completed offline on a device and then synchronised later. With an offline e-Learning solution all data is safely stored on the device so that network problems do not result in data loss.

MLearn App

Working with our partner, Mobile Learning, we have launched MLearn, an offline mobile app that works alongside AssessBook to provide this true offline capability. Using MLearn candidates can complete courses and module offline with confidence and synchronise when it suits them.  This improved confidence in reliability of the solution can only lead to improved willingness to use the gaps in their schedule to improve their learning and through this, their competence.

There are some exciting enhancements in the pipeline for MLearn.  The clever people behind the app have developed augmented reality and virtual reality capabilities to enable station staff to simulate incidents and continue their learning via scenario training.  This negates the need to create test scenarios within the station which are disruptive and costly.  More information on this will be released shortly.

Our latest video demonstrates how MLearn works.

AssessTech’s User Forum will take place on Thursday 17th November, both online and in person in London, so make sure join us to find out more about how MLearn could help your organisation.