User Forum Speaker Announcement: Proactive Customer Support with Customer Operations

Rob Green, Operations Director, and Pat Sawkins, Technical Account Manager, will be speaking at our User Forum this year to discuss AssessTech’s proactive support strategy for our customers.

Rob Green and Pat Sawkins will be speaking at our User Forum this year to discuss AssessTech’s strategy for proactive support and the output from this strategy which some of our customers may have already seen put into practice.

If you haven’t yet registered for the User Forum (on Thursday 9 November in London), don’t forget to follow the link below to secure your place.

Rob Green showcasing our Prometheus dashboard located in our Guildford office. 

Prometheus Monitoring

A primary focus for us this year has been around reports queuing and monitoring.

Prometheus is an open-source systems monitoring and alerting toolkit which we have implemented in the form of a dashboard in our Guildford office. This tool provides our Customer Operations team with visibility of any issues linked to ACMS and AssessBook to be ahead of the curve when resolving customer tickets efficiently and effectively.

The dashboard has been in the making for some time. We have been reaching out to customers regarding their own dashboards and collating feedback for future developments. James Pawsey has been the architect of this and will be available at the user forum for any additional metrics you may wish to see.

Season Ticket Renewals

Season tickets are the latest feature of our proactive customer support strategy. Our 1st class tickets give a summary of ACMS and AssessBook usage over the year, to kick off the annual renewal process. These tickets focus on providing data to inform recommendations in relation to how each system could be altered to enhance competence and learning management capabilities.

Upskilling and Recruitment

Over the past year, we have put a lot of effort into further developing and expanding our Customer Operations team.

We are pleased to have grown the team with the recruitment of Imogen Shanks, our newest Customer Operations Support, alongside Amy Mulder, Technical Account Manager, and Willem Van Hoof, DevOps Consultant, who both focus on supporting our AssessBook customers.

Additionally, we are excited to be providing a brand-new course, Introduction to the Railway Industry, to our teams to develop the vital railway knowledge needed to support our customers in their developmental competence management journeys.

This presentation will also touch on other features of the strategy:

    Setting regular customer meetings both online and in person

    Documenting processes, demonstrations, and onboarding for customers

  Finalising the User Knowledge Base which will provide customers with comprehensive materials to send to their end users.

By moving to a proactive model for customer support my aim is to provide a service that can help provide solutions to customers’ problems before they become a pain point, therefore, making their experience of ACMS the most positive and seamless possible.

Rob Green

Operations Director, AssessTech

We’re looking forward to hearing Rob and Pat provide a detailed view of AssessTech’s latest strategy for proactive customer support.