User Forum 2023: Development Scoping Sessions with Hannah Washer, Director of Product Management

At this year’s User Forum, we are excited to be taking it back to basics with a more interactive approach to our afternoon agenda with Development Scoping Sessions.

Our team, led by Hannah Washer, Director of Product Management, will be supporting a series of development scoping sessions with customers and key partners from the wider industry to discuss a range of topics with a focus on bringing back these insights to our solutions.

We are returning to a more interactive format at our User Forum this year, following on from the training board game and scoping sessions we last held in 2019.

The three topics covered on the day will be:

  • Incident to Assessment Workflow
  • Route/Traction Assessment Workflow
  • Verification Workflow

The purpose of these development sessions is to gain a greater understanding of how the above processes are mapped across our customer base and to harness this feedback and knowledge to better shape customer experience when utilising our solutions.

With a wider representation of different business functions attending each year, we are looking forward to gaining a wide spread of insight.

Talking to Hannah Washer about the upcoming sessions, she said,

“We are excited to shift our focus this year to spend more time getting to know customer use cases and capturing their expertise to channel into our solutions. Our customers have invested in our products for 13 years and we want to return on that investment with solutions that bring real value to their businesses. by reducing the risk of incident and improving performance on our railways.”

Hannah Washer

Director of Product Management, AssessTech

Assisted by the Customer Operations team, Hannah will be hosting these exciting Development Scoping Sessions and we can’t wait to hear your feedback and use cases.

AssessTech’s User Forum 2023 focuses on partnership with the railway and promoting a proactive approach.

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