Helping West Midlands Railway with SIO training

We caught up with Simone Carter, Station Manager of West Midlands Railway, recently to talk to her about the recent SIO (Station Incident Officer) course she attended hosted by AssessTech.

Why did you attend the course?

As manager of 14 stations, I am often responsible for on-call requirements, so it is essential that I know all the aspects of dealing with an incident. Also, if I’m not on-call, I could be the first person there, so I still need to know what’s required. Our Area Station Manager asked if anyone within my team wanted to do the course, so I put myself forward.  I wanted to go on the course to refresh my skills, so I don’t lose my skills in this area.

Why did you choose AssessTech?

Our Learning and Development department has a strong relationship with AssessTech, using them for all our training and electronic competence management requirements, which is why they were selected as the preferred supplier to deliver the course.

How did you find the course?

The course was excellent. It was delivered by Simon Grove who is a fantastic trainer and very knowledgeable.  Simon made the course interesting, interactive, and fun.

Simone Carter
Station Manager at West Midlands Trains

Would you recommend the course to others?

Yes definitely. The format of the course was excellent. Simon made everyone feel very relaxed and engaged.

The course has been very useful.  It has been designed to understand the role of a SIO, to understand standards, evidence types and get some practice around dealing with incidents.  We also discussed various events and how to tackle them.  There was a significant focus on non-technical skills and an understanding of who else you will be dealing with, during an incident.