AssessTech supports over 60 apprentices to complete their learning journey at Network Rail

A recent partnership has seen AssessTech provide key support services to Network Rail’s apprentices.

Network Rail is one of the UK’s largest apprenticeship employers. Supporting individuals as they transition through their apprenticeship programme is a key focus for the organisation.

Network Rail offers a range of apprenticeships from engineering to finance and business to IT, providing everyone with expert training, developing skills for life and earning whilst going through the programme.

In a push to invest further in its people and their professional development, AssessTech was approached by Network Rail to assist the key apprenticeship services in place by the organisation to boost the strong wrap around support for their apprentices.

Image Source: Network Rail Apprenticeships Media Centre

Our team of dedicated and skilled coaches have been working closely with individual apprentices through their learning journey in a rewarding project to help apprentices to meet programme deadlines and increase the frequency of submitting completed work.

AssessTech’s support of Network Rail apprenticeship programmes began in June 2022, and since then there has been over 60 apprentices who have qualified.

The personalised mentoring delivered by AssessTech ensures that each apprentice has a tailored support programme, targeted to their individual learning journey to help them reach their learning and development goals.

Throughout the project we have developed strong positive working relationships with the apprentices and the apprenticeship team at Network Rail. It has been really rewarding to support these apprentices throughout the final stages of the apprenticeship scheme, and I’m proud to be leading such an expert team of coaches who are dedicated to helping each apprentice succeed.

Lizzie Poulter

Learning and Development Specialist , AssessTech

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