Bringing Learning and Collaboration together to improve Competence

Totara Learn is the learning and development platform that sits behind AssessBook. Totara’s mission is to empower individuals to have the freedom to learn.

Lars Hyland, Managing Director – EMEA for Totara will be at this years User Forum where he will be sharing insights into ‘Action Learning’ and ‘Collaborative Learning’.

Action Learning is a mixture of formal and informal learning where an organisation brings individuals together to meet a common learning and development goal and each candidate determines their own learning need to meet that goal.  Individuals will collaborate with experts and peers online and work together to meet the objective.  The organisation will determine;

  • Who needs to be involved?
  • What learning do they need?
  • Who can be the expert?

Lars Hyland, Managing Director – EMEA for Totara Learning

Engage and Collaborate

Through AssessBook it is possible to add Totara Engage alongside Totara Learn, which offers organisations a dedicated space and ability to share best practice with controlled groups of individuals. This is a great place for organisations to:

  • Post up resources such as videos, documents, etc.
  • Create group resources
  • Have private conversations and invite individuals to comment
  • Create discussion threads

I’m really looking forward to this year’s User Forum and hearing direct from users and managers about how AssessBook and Totara helps shape learning and development within their organisations.  The railway industry is one of the best at cross-collaboration and sharing best practice, so this is an excellent opportunity to understand how we can shape and further evolve our platforms to meet industry need.

Lars Hyland

Managing Director, Totara Learning

AssessTech’s User Forum will take place on Thursday 17th November, both online and in person in London.