Leanne Hammond, Head of Learning and Development

We are delighted to announce that Leanne Hammond moves internally to take on the role of Head of L&D.

As a business we are investing in our Learning and Development department, evolving our courses and tools in line with industry needs. 

We have recently promoted Leanne to our new Head of Learning and Development.  Her role will focus on customer engagement to understand learning and development requirements from across the industry and expand and evolve our portfolio of training courses and training tools to meet customer requirements. 

As a business, we don’t just train individuals to achieve a ‘pass’.  We focus on a developmental approach where we mentor and develop individuals to ensure they have the skills and knowledge necessary to do their job, manage their own learning and development requirements and keep the railway safe.

Leanne Hammond, Head of L&D, AssessTech

We also offer much more than just railway specific courses.  We are a City and Guilds Accreditation Centre and offer 10 C&G accredited courses alongside a number of non-accredited courses aimed at developing skills across the board. 

Leanne commented,

“I want my team and I to deliver a suite of first-class training solutions that meet customers’ learning and development needs.  As a company we encourage our customers to talk to us so we can identify gaps in their training and create courses, content and tools that fill these gaps. For example, we have recently launched a Managers course as we realised this was an area where training support was needed.  We now have a 4-day course focused on the hard skills and practical knowledge needed to be a manager.  I work with an excellent team of experienced, knowledgeable individuals who have a fantastic knowledge of the railway industry, working with organisations from 5 to 1000 employees.”

We have recently realised that not every organisation wants to create bespoke training courses in one particular area, so we are now delivering regular, more accessible courses, targeted at smaller organisations, and individuals.   

“As I don’t originate from the railway industry, I wanted to try the courses for myself to understand exactly what a candidate experiences,” said Leanne, “So I booked myself on two of our well established, accredited courses. This provides me with excellent insights into how the courses are booked, structured and delivered. The course trainers didn’t show me any favouritism, but with the same level of support they show all candidates I am busy working towards achieving those awards myself.”

Some of our newest non-accredited courses include;

Intel Driver

Supporting and developing drivers who have had an incident or have been out of the role for some time.

NTS and Human Factors

Embedding the practical application of NTS in order to reduce incidents and improve performance. Suitable for any role – helping understand and develop the emotional, psychological and physical aspects of operating in the workplace.

Managers Course

For railway managers who look after a team of people, measure risk, respond to incidents and investigate incidents on the railway. Tailor made to include activities using your company standards, procedures and software.

See our full range of training courses on our website here.

Gabriel Stroud, CEO, AssessTech

Gabriel Stroud, CEO, AssessTech said,

“We are excited to be growing the L&D side of our business.  As many of you know, L&D is my roots and it is great to have Leanne joining me to expand this area to ensure customers have the full complement of courses, content and tools to help them make the railway a safer place.”