Feedback on ACMS and AssessBook at our recent User Forum

Customer Interviews from our User Forum 2021

We spoke to a few of you at the User Forum in November to find out how ACMS and AssessBook were improving your competence management processes and what developments you were looking forward to receiving.

Peter Dempsey, Operations Management Trainer from Great Western Railway, highlighted that links to external systems would really improve their internal processes in order to have data all in one place.

Leanne Maskell at Grand Central Rail who are just adopting the system said,

“ACMS would help streamline their process and reduce man hours spent on assessments. Meeting other customers has given them the reassurance that others are benefiting significantly from using the system.”

Kev Twigger at Southern and Gatwick Express at GTR highlighted that ACMS has enabled them to streamline and clean their data and has made their processes more efficient. Kev really enjoyed the collaborative working from across the industry that was really apparent at the User Forum.

Justin Willet at GTR said,

“It has been great to get everyone together from across the industry into one room. It has been really interesting to hear how others are using AssessTech’s electronic competence management platform ACMS and their learning management solution AssessBook, the challenges these organisations have faced and the solutions they have adopted to overcome them.”

Alan Gale at Southeastern Railway commented that they currently have 850 drivers and shunters using ACMS and are in the process of adding another 400 conductors and 150 onboard managers. He really enjoys having everyone in the whole organisation using it and being able to see progress across all areas of the business. Integration with other systems was really interesting for Alan and he’s looking forward to seeing more progress in this area over the next few months.

A message from our CEO, Gabriel Stroud:

This year’s User Forum was a huge success. It was great to be out and about meeting people again. With 80 people in the room in London and 20 people joining us online from across the world, it was our biggest User Forum ever. We hope you enjoyed it. 

Gabriel Stroud

CEO, AssessTech