SWR chooses AssessTech as their electronic competence management partner

South Western Railway (SWR) is part of FirstGroup, a leading provider of transport services in the UK.

SWR operates commuter services from London Waterloo to South West London, suburban services across South West England, and a subsidiary line on the Isle of Wight.

They had many challenges with their legacy systems such as manual cross checking between databases, duplicate or missing data and lack of appropriate permission levels for investigators and Designated Competent Person (DCPs) and wanted an off-the-shelf product that had been used by other train operators. ACMS met their criteria as it is currently being used by all other FirstGroup train companies.

Stewart Player, Head of Operations, SWR

Head of Operations at SWR Stewart Player said,

“Having all information in one place where it is linked to respondents/colleagues provides us with a better overview of the incident profiles of individuals, depots, and our company. Having up to date and quality data on our colleagues and incident investigations has reduced the number of overdue assessments and significantly reduced paperwork as cab passes and assessments are online. We have managed to speed up our time management processes using the web-based system, such as overdue assessments were originally authorised on paper, and through the reporting processes on ACMS we are now able to undertake better verification of our assessors which has had benefits to enhance their knowledge and in turn assures we have a fully developmental CMS.”

SWR are really starting to see the richness of the data and the resulting benefits in their analysis of incident investigations. 

Find out more by reading the full case study and watching the interview with Stewart here.